Can I Leave Stuff Behind When I Sell My House?

Selling a house in Texas today is stressful. 

A big portion of the stress comes from packing everything up and relocating your stuff to another place. If you have been living in the same house for several years, you probably have a stockpile of possessions in every room that you are dreading to move. 

However, you may not have to take it all with you if the buyer agrees to buy your house as-is - meaning, with all your unwanted stuff in the house. The problem is that most buyers don’t want to buy a house filled with someone else’s discarded junk. 

So, the question is: Can I leave stuff behind when I sell my house? If so, under what circumstances?

The answer is: Yes - here’s how:

Find a Cash Home Buyer in Fort Worth, Texas

A cash home sale allows you to sell your house as-is, including leaving your junk behind. How does that work?

In most cases, selling your house as-is means selling it for an agreed upon price regardless of its current condition. For instance, you can sell a damaged, vacant, or old house to a local home buyer in Fort Worth, Texas without making any home repairs or upgrades. You can even skip the home inspection because a home buyer is willing to purchase the property as-is. 

If you need to get rid of the property or get out of a mortgage but don’t have the money to fix up the house, a company that buys houses is often willing to buy your house as-is and close the sale quickly.  The buyer may even be willing to buy your house with all your unwanted items in it. They may pay a company to come in and clean out the house. 

Why Can’t I Leave Stuff Behind in a Traditional Home Sale

A cash home sale works differently than a traditional home sale. 

  • In a cash home sale, the buyer is willing to buy your house as-is with no conditions. 
  • In a traditional home sale, the buyer wants the house to be move-in ready.

Most regular home buyers today don’t want to buy a house that needs work. They’re not interested in a fixer-upper. There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Buyers don’t want to spend the extra money to fix up a house on top of taking out a mortgage loan. It’s simply not worth the investment.
  2. There are plenty of move-in ready homes in Fort Worth, Texas. A buyer is more motivated to buy a move-ready house than settle for a fixer upper or a house that has issues.

If you decide to leave your stuff behind, your house may not attract most buyers. This is why you can’t Leave stuff behind in a traditional home sale. Nobody will want to take the time or spend the money to remove your unwanted items.

Can I Get My Stuff Back at a Later Date?

The answer is yes and no. 

Yes: You can get your stuff back at a later date if you make an agreement with the new owner. For instance, the buyer may agree to relocate your stuff to a storage unit. When you reimburse the owner for their relocation costs or you agree to pay the monthly storage costs, you may be able to reclaim your items. 

No: If you and the buyer do not agree to any terms and conditions regarding your belongings, the buyer is free to do whatever they want to the items, including claim ownership. In most contracts, buying a house means claiming ownership of everything in the house. So, you may not be able to reclaim your items if there is no prior agreement when you close the sale.

So make sure that there is an understanding between you and the buyer before you leave stuff behind when you sell your house. 

Sell My House Fast in Fort Worth, Texas

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